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With its Quality, Environment and Safety / Occupational Health Management System certified, within the scope of the normative references ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and OSHAS 18001: 2007, in January 2020 the transition from OSHAS18001 to the ISO45001 standard was successfully achieved.

The Certification of our Management System was granted by LLOYDs Register LRQA® - the only certifying entity with the “UKAS - Management Systems” accreditation, in Portugal.


With the premise of improving its performance, on a continuous improvement mode, REBONAVE was recognized with the Certification of its Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (HSEQMS), within the scope of standards references ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and OSHAS 18001: 2007, being the unique Portuguese Towage Company in the sector, with the triple certification, under the referred standards, in Portugal. In January 2020 a successful transition was made from the standard OSHAS18001 to the standard ISO45001.

The Certification of our Management System was granted by LLOYDs Register LRQA® - the only certification organization qualified with "UKAS - Management Systems" in Portugal.

The preparation phase for certification was a challenging and demanding process, with the contribution and commitment of all employees, showing clear organizational growth.

In addition to the internal benefits, we have as motivator factors for a triple certification: the demonstration of integrity / commitment, innovation / competitiveness and the constant search for excellence, included in the REBONAVE Management Model.
This model is based on three pillars that we consider essential in an organization: the quality of our service / satisfaction of our clients, the well-being / safety and health of our employees and the mitigation of the environmental impacts of our activity (responsibility towards the environment and Society), which have now been recognized.

As REBONAVE is a pioneer in threefold certification, we are certain to guarantee a degree of quality and reliability, which sets us apart from other companies in this sector.


On October, 17th REBONAVE has participated in the salvage operation of the oil tanker "TOKYO SPIRIT" (Bahamas flag), which went aground near Cascais Bay – Marina breakwater, in Lisbon.
Bad weather, sea conditions and the loss of the starboard anchor were the main reason for this accident.


Bad weather, sea conditions and the loss of the starboard anchor were the main reason for this accident.
In this salvage operation (tanker with 274 meters of length), REBONAVE and her affiliated company sent the biggest and most sophisticated portuguese tugboats: MONTE DA LUZ, MONTEVIL, MONTEMURO (from REBONAVE), CASTELO DE SÃO JORGE e CASTELO DE SINES (from REBOPORT ).
Later, the vessel was towed by REBONAVE (MONTE DA LUZ) to Lisnave Shipyard, in Setúbal.

Maritime Assistance to the fishing vessel “ANACLETO ANTONIO”

Prepared  to all activities associated with local, coastal and oceangoing towage operations, planned or not planned, REBONAVE has concluded one more emergency maritime assistance in Portuguese coastal waters, in bad sea/weather conditions.

On February, 26th, at 07:45 PM, the oceangoing tugboat “MONTENOVO” had promptly responded to an assistance request, from the fishing vessel “ANACLETO ANTONIO” (machine failure), of 50 NM apart from Portuguese coast.



After established the towline, always in adverse weather conditions, the vessel was towed by “MONTENOVO” to Sesimbra Port.
Our crew proved once again competence and professionalism, contributing actively to increase safety at Portuguese Seas.

Register Port: Setúbal,
Gross tonnage: 50 TONS
Fishing vessel
Register Port: Sesimbra
Gross tonnage: 158 TONS
Lff: 25m; Beam:6m.



REBONAVE convida estudantes náuticos para bordo - Volvo Ocean Race - 2015

On June 7th, students from various Nautical Educational Institutions, on board REBONAVE’S Lisbon Tugboats, had the opportunity for a courtesy salute to VOLVO OCEAN RACE 2015 sailing boats. Sailing boats performed a in river regatta, prior to their departure to Lorient – France.

With this initiative, REBONAVE wanted to contribute to enrich future maritime professionals, with information about Portuguese Port Sectors, what was a common goal of the disclosed "Blue Week".


During this Open Ship Day, Tugboats were open for walk throughs, supported by a Senior Nautical Officer and his crew, making a brief introduction and explanation on Tugboats port/ocean going operations.

Tugboats escorted the sailing boats on their departure allowing participants to take advantage of the Lisbon marginal view, from “Terreiro do Paço” to “Belém”, passing under the “25th April bridge”.





REBONAVE involved in the World Marine Day Ceremony

As part of World Maritime Day celebrations (25-28th, September), REBONAVE has actively helped, in association with Setúbal/Sesimbra Ports Administration (APSS) and Setúbal Town Hall, to promote/create the opportunity of public visit of national navigation (sailing) icons: “SAGRES”, “CREOULA” and “ VERA CRUZ”, that were moored in Setúbal Port, for the first time.

This event, unprecedented in Setúbal, counted with thousands of visitors, what revealed a huge success. All participants had the opportunity to interact and understand the main rules on board of a vessel.

REBONAVE has provided all necessary maneuver assistance/service to these sailboats. In particular, after the visit period, the REBONAVE ́s Ocean Tugboat: "MONTEMURO" has accompanied "SAGRES" sailboat from the Dock 3, in Setúbal (where it was moored) to out of bar, whereby SAGRES followed trip to Lisbon.

During this route, on board, was organized a dinner, which included the participation of several Setúbal companies, including REBONAVE representatives.

“MONTE DA LUZ” (Ocean Tugboat) was available for public visit on 26th Jully – National Engineering Project

REBONAVE was invited by “Ciência Viva” (translated as “Life Science” – that is a Portuguese Agency for Scientific and Technological Culture) to participate in the "Summer Engineering Project” - an initiative that promotes visits to various places, where they had the opportunity to have contact with the various engineering fields.

This is a program of visits to infrastructures such as dams, bridges, factories, ships and port facilities, related to nautical activities - resulting from the increasing importance of the maritime sector and other areas related to the sea.

In the year that REBONAVE celebrates a quarter of century, our enterprise released, on 26th July, an "ocean tugboat" (“MONTE DA LUZ”), which was berthed at Pier 2, of Setúbal Port, with the goal of being visited by general population and by Setúbal population, in particular.

O rebocador teve, durante todo o dia, uma experiente tripulação, a bordo que acompanhou e guiou entusiasticamente os visitantes, respondendo a todas as questões levantadas.

O positivo feedback dos mais de 250 participantes nesta visita foi expresso no Livro de Receção disponível para o evento.


REBONAVE’s , ongoing sustainable fleet modernization, includes ocean going tugs but also modern coastal units, reinforcing our capabilities on this specialized services.
Our fleet will be reinforced by the acquisition of a new costal tug (azimutal) , recently arrived to his home port in Setúbal – Portugal, on June 15th .

“MONTE da LUZ” – Porto of Register: Setúbal, PORTUGAL
“Coastal Tug”
Length O.A.: 28M, Gross Tonnage 318 T,
POWER PLANT: 2 × 1.800 BHP, Fi – Fi Capacity
Bollard Pull: 45 TON,.

The name of this vessel “MONTEMURO” has a particular meaning to our company, being the name of the 1st vessel ever maneuvered by REBONAVE on July 1989.Step by step, since the beginning in the last 25 years, we are building the future, reinforcing a PORTUGUESE presence in the world of specialized maritime assistance.

“MONTEMURO” – Porto de Registo : Setúbal, PORTUGAL. Rebocador Costeiro - Azimutal.
Comprimento f.f.: 28M, Arqueação Bruta 318 T, Potência: 2 × 1.800 BHP, Capacidade Fi – Fi, Força de Tracção de 45 TON


Last April, Setúbal harbour and LISNAVE shipyard towage operations were performed by REBONAVE, with the ultra large bulk carrier “BERGE STAHL”. This was the biggest vessel ever operating at LISNAVE Shipyard, for dry dock maintenance and repair.

The “BERGE STAHL”, is owned by Berge Bulk (UK), and is the 2nd largest vessel in the world with 342,1 metros overall length and 63,5 m beam. Due to his draft and required operation conditions this vessel has operated so far in only four (4) ports in the world.

This successful operation involved six (6) naval units, especialiezed Nautical Officers , Technicians, crews and shore riggers, from REBONAVE.


REBONAVE, has implemented an ongoing sustainable modernization program of the Fleet, through regular acquisition of new vessels, and modernization of existing ones.

Our fleet will be equipped with a highly valuable vessel, allowing the realization of specialized maritime operations, until now not possible for a Portuguese company, with national crews and equipment.

Currently in transit form the Shipyard, it is expected to arrive around Feb. 2014, to his home port in Setúbal – Portugal.

The reinforcement of our presence in the specialized maritime assistance, and ocean going towage, will occur through the acquisition of an Anchor Handling Tug, vessel of unique characteristics and capabilities in Portugal.
“MONTE da LUZ” – Porto of Register: Setúbal, PORTUGAL
“AHT – Anchor Handling Tug”
Length O.A.: 38M, Displacement 947 T,
POWER PLANT: 2 × 2.200 BHP, Fi – Fi Capacity
Bollard Pull: 55 TON,T,


Maritime assistance to the sailboat “ETOILE MAGIQUE”

Less than 24 hours from the maritime assistance of the fishing vessel “ANACLETO ANTONIO”, REBONAVE was warned to another assistance necessity.

This time, it was the French sailboat “ETOILE MAGIQUE” that took contact with REBONAVE operations, on 28th, at 11:15 AM.

After established the towline, always in adverse conditions, the sailboat was towed by “MONTENOVO” to Peniche, in Portuguese Coast.

Porto de Registo: Setúbal,
Força de Tracção: 50 TON
Porto de Registo: Marselha - França
Força de Tracção 115T
Lff: 25m; Boca:11m.




The REBONAVE SA starts operations in Lisbon Port - early 2015

REBONAVE S.A is already the largest towing and maritime assistance company of Portugal and is distinguished by the biggest tugboats fleet of our country. Currently, REBONAVE is taking another big step; with the re-entry of its operations at the Lisbon Port, in January, 2015.

In addition to its strategic position at the origin Port (Setúbal), REBONAVE has been operating in the Sines Port, through its subsidiary company “REBOPORT”. With the entry into Lisbon our company is also operating in another national Port of reference.

The entry of REBONAVE in Lisbon Port wants to contribute to the competition balance of maritime services, rendered in that Port and to increase them quality, in a remarkable phase of expansion of port activities, in Portugal.


REBONAVE’S Ocean Going Tug “MONTE DA LUZ” – AHT “Anchor Handling Tug”, departed from his home port in Setúbal for the 1st ocean going towage operation.

On May 14th, “MONTE da LUZ” sailed from Setúbal to Colon (Panamá) to perfom a towage operation with the floating dock “ALCANTAR ROCHA” with overall length of 62 m, to Lisbon Port (PT).
This operation is expected to last aproximately 60 days, and more than 8.000 nm will be sailed.


REBONAVE, has reinforced his capacity, through the inclusion of four (4) tugboats on his fleet, joining the existing six (6).Our capability to provide harbour/shipyard, coastal and oceanic maritime assistance services, as increased strongly.The geographic location of our Fleet Operations Base in the Sado River delta inside LISNAVE Shipyards, in Setúbal - PORTUGAL, 38º28‘25”N (latitude) and 008º47‘20”W (longitude), allow us a prompt and unrestricted response, to any emergency call in the Portuguese Coast, for planned or, emergency maritime assistance, 24/7, in all weather conditions.

Our Fleet readiness, equipped with Ocean Going, Coastal and Local Tugboats, is assured through skilled and experienced Portuguese crews fully qualified and certified.

New naval vessels included on REBONAVE´S Fleet:
Coastal Tugboat “PALENÇA” – 45T,
Coastal Tugboat “Cachofarra”- 35T,
Coastal Tugboat “Fogueteiro” – 35T,
Local Tugboat“PUXA” – 25T.


On December 2013, REBONAVE has transferred the TERAS CONQUEST 1 platform for a semi-submersible transport ship, after it has been repaired (aft tower) and renamed (from LEWEK LEADER to TERAS CONQUEST 1), at LISNAVE S.A Shipyard.

REBONAVE has assured the platform towing from LISNAVE Shipyard to anchorage, where it performed the complex transfer maneuver of the platform to the semi-submersible vesseel “TURN” . Due to the dimension of TERAS CONQUEST 1, this transfer has required highly qualified crews from REBONAVE. On this maneuver five of our tugboats, were involved.


General cargo with container capacity M/V “MERLE”, (1548 gt, built 1991) en route from Ferrol to Huelva with six crew members on board, ran aground in the beach of Muranzel – Torreira, Murtosa, last Jan 19th, 2013. A successful “MARITIME ASSISTANCE OPERATION – REFLOATING” was conducted, with a safe towing of the vessel to Lisbon. This operation was aligned with the submitted and approved plan, without any negative impact on this area of the Portuguese coastline, having all natural conditions being returned to their original and natural condition.

The relevance of this operation, is associated with the fact that, despite de extent of the Portuguese coastline with approximately 1850 Km (950 Km Mainland + 670 Km Portuguese Islands of Açores and Madeira), this was the 1st time that, mainly with Portuguese resources, an effective and successful operation was planned and executed in our coastline..



On January 2014, REBONAVE S.A. has performed the towing operations associated with the Sea Trials of the ​​floating dock "KUGIRA II", which was built in the LISNAVE S.A Shipyard, in Setubal (PORTUGAL) - 38 ° 28.5 'N (latitude) and 08 º 47.3' W (longitude).

Considering “Sado” Estuary depth characteristics, REBONAVE has coordinated the maneuver positioning of KUGIRA II, involving 4 (four) tugboats of our fleet. During this complex operation one tug was kept, on permanent stand-by, as well as technical personnel on board the platform.

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